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PLEASE NOTE - This is an UNOFFICIAL SITE created because I think 'TOMB RAIDER' is such an excellent game that the world should know about its existence, but this site is not endorsed or connected to CORE Design Limited or EIDOS Interactive Limited (please see the copyrights at the bottom of this page). All Pictures and graphics from 'Tomb Raider' are the copyright of EIDOS Interactive. No infringement of copyrights and trademarks is intended, any queries about this site should be sent to the email address below.
Thank You.

Is to inform 'Tomb Raider' Players and Fans of ALL the latest developments concerning EVERYTHING to do with CORE/EIDOS ground breaking game 'Tomb Raider' as well as it's sequels; "Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business" and "Tomb Raider 2", but more than that it is an open forum for Players and Fans to have their OWN work, like fiction or artwork displayed for everybody to enjoy and with the input of many friends, writers, artists and other Tomb Raider fans/players from across the globe this 'Tomb Raider Archive' has become what it is today, and I would just like to thank EVERYBODY that has made this possible, I might produce this site, but without your continued support this 'Tomb Raider Archive' is nothing.
Thank you for visiting.


As of 3.17pm on Thursday


After I moved ALL the Fiction and Download stuff over to my GeoCities website, Sarah (of Three Gods and Spear of Destiny stories fame), emailed me and reminded me of GeoCities policy on ADULT related material. So after removing 'The Tomb Raider Fiction Archive' from its home at GeoCities and after 3-hours work, everything is back on this website and my 'DISC QUOTA' has been filled ;-(. So in the next 2-weeks expect a few more moves as I do (another) total re-organisation as I try to make some more space. Where possible ALL the Navigation Tables will still work, so the Tomb Raider Archive will not grind to a sudden halt (hopefully, fingers crossed ;-)). So if anybody had problems last night from about 7.00 - 12.00pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), I apologise as that was when most of the work took place to restore this website and it's links.

Due to lack of SPACE on this website (5Mb doesn't go a long way nowadays), I've had to remove the 'Tomb Raider Theme - The Original One", if you need or would like a copy please email me at for a copy, please note that the reply email will be in excess of 700k in size.

This morning (about 1am) I logged on and checked all the 50 Links to Tomb Raider related websites, of all those checked TWELVE no longer exist in any shape or form, please note that I haven't removed the links from the list as the list gives a record of where sites were and how many there were in Tomb Raider's hayday. If you have got a website that isn't listed (with the loss of my hard drive and all my email), that is quite possible, please email me at, and I will treat the message as URGENT and add your link asap. Thanks for listening.

WebTracker is back up (at the bottom of the page) after I received an email from Swave to say that it seems to be back up and running, well it hasn't worked all day for me, but it might for you, if it does work for somebody can they please email me the counter readout (i.e. what number of hits this website is at), thank you.

Now a quick plug of sorts: If you are stuck on Tomb Raider why not email one or more TR website webmasters or why not use the GREAT Tomb Raider newsgroup at, if you haven't got access to it, find and phone your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask them (nicely, no threats of violence please) to collect the group for you. I have posted this to not only help all you Tomb Raider players out there, but to help the Newsgroup that I created, as it seems it's not getting as many posts a day as it used to. So to sum up, got problems, queries, something you like, dislike or hate then post it to the newsgroup - (PLEASE ;-))

As a final note: I am back on top of my email (finally) and I am managing to get replies out in less than 24-hours, hopefully it will stay this way, but due to the volumes of email I receive every day, if you don't get an immediate reply then you will definately get a reply within 3-days, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

As of 5.25pm on Wednesday


I found a GREAT set of five Tomb Raider 2 screenshots over on the CORE Design Ltd website, they are reproduced here on the updated TR2 page. They show without a doubt that Lara Croft now has a long and beautiful pigtail, that (as another shot shows) moves as she moves. Just look how she climbs that bookcase, this sequel promises to be GREAT.

You may have noticed that all the Thumbnails on this here site have changed from COLOUR to Black and White, this is due to space limitations, but ALL the pictures they link to are still in FULL GLORIOUS COLOUR.

The Lara Croft 1997 Calendar for JUNE is up on the Calendar page, it seems that Tomb Raider will get more 'Patches(?)' (for what? - Rob) later in the month, if the calendar is anything to go by (it normally isn't - Rob).

While I am on the subject of space, I have moved ALL of the fiction over to the NEW Tomb Raider Fiction Archive Site on my FREE 2Mb of web space at Geocities, The actually link is HERE, of course ALL the links have been updated on ALL the panels within this site, so you can just use the links as normal, it doesn't affect the website in anyway, enjoy.

THE CROFT TIMES is a NEW and interesting idea for a 'Tomb Raider' related website. Go along for a visit and see this new site as it grows. A great idea I think for a Tomb Raider website.

Tomorrow morning (about 2am) I will be going online to check and update ALL the links to 'Tomb Raider' related websites, because there have been a lot of name changes and some GREAT sites have become even greater, so the list will be updated and old unresponsive links will be removed, so the list will ONLY have currently ACTIVE TR websites listed.

As of 6.25pm on Tuesday


I have removed the WebTracker .gif from the website, as it seems that currently the whole WebTracker system is down and it's making the webpage take forever to load, (not good), as soon as it is back up and running the WebTracker counter will return...


The Tomb Raider 2 page has been updated, with all the latest information on the sequel game. I have gathered the news from lots of various sources, for the most complete and upto date news on the game. So if you're after news on TR2 go along for a visit and learn some more about the GREAT upcoming sequel ;-)

Sarah, after receiving an email from Rich Deming has made some minor changes to her two adult stories featuring Lara Croft titled 'Tomb Raider: Three Gods' and 'Lara Croft and the Spear of Destiny', these are only the adding of a few words and clarifing a few things to make the stories better. So if you haven't read (or better downloaded a copy of) these stories do so NOW, you're in for a treat, and if you got the earlier versions download these new ones and enjoy a better story second time around (it's always better second time around ;-)). Please note again that these are for ADULTS ONLY, so you have got to be over 18 (or in some places 21) to read this stuff, please, please, please if you are not old enough do not read them, as by doing so I will have to probably remove them from this website. Thank you.

The student 'Tomb Raider' movie seems to be progressing nicely, you still have until the 4th June 1997 to vote on who, out of the numerous beautiful women, who gets to play Miss Lara Croft. Email TombRaidr with your vote after (or before (?)) you have checked out the movie site at TombRaidr's Place. Bookmark the site to visit often and get the news on the movie as it breaks...

I've received an email to tell me (and everyone else) that The Lara Croft Archive website has moved, this link is it's new URL, go along for a visit and tell Max that the Tomb raider Archive sent you ;-)

As of 11.17am on Sunday


I've added the sequel to C.Mages's second story 'First Date', called 'Goodnight Kiss' on the fiction index and on the 'First Date' page, as well as adding it to the .zip file, as I have had a lot of request to get it posted asap.

Sarah has sent me a couple of more adult stories featuring Lara titled 'Tomb Raider: Three Gods' and 'Lara Croft and the Spear of Destiny'. These stories are for ADULTS ONLY, so you have got to be over 18 (or in some places 21) to read this stuff, please, please, please if you are not old enough do not read them, as by doing so I will have to probably remove them from this website. Thank you for your understanding.

I'm currently loving my new ZIP DRIVE (see plug below ;-)) and having backed everything up TWICE, I can now get on with updating the UNFINISHED BUSINESS PAGE and the TOMB RAIDER 2 PAGE as well, my thanks to Ruiner at The Scion Sanctuary for the use of the scans he did from the UK Computer games magazine 'Gamesmaster'. Expect the updates to appear this week, (at last I hear you cry ;-)).

See the latest STAR TREK: Voyager video to buy in the UK (3.6), and in particular the episode titled 'Macrocosm', for Captain Kathryn Janeway's inpression of Lara Croft (or Ripley from Alien/Aliens/Alien3 depending on your tastes), complete with backpack and guns. It has to be seen to be believed ;0)

As of 8.54am on Saturday


Possible Tomb Raider virus warning. This is not a hoax.

I received the following email from Matt Scott, the creator of Matt's Tomb Raider Page, please take note:

Dear Mr. Wheeler,
I have reason to believe that a Tomb Raider VIRUS is about to start to circulate on the internet. I got an email from: Howard Stern with an email address of: and a reply to address of The title was Tomb Raider Help file. It asks you to send it to people who can't complete the levels. The organization of this was KiLLa.


Please update your page or send an email to all Tomb Raider website webmasters with a warning, as I am about to update. The attached file is named:

Matt Scott

Thanks for the warning Matt.

I have justed checked my Private Messages on my Guestbook and this has appeared:

29th May 1997 9.52pm

Watch yourselves. Hacker word is your site could be a target for some warez dudes. Up the security.

Any other TR site webmasters got similar messages, problems or information? Please email me. Thanks.


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